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Hinduja Investments and Project Services Ltd.

Mission Statement

Hinduja Investments and Project Services Ltd. (HIPSL) draws on the world-wide talent, expertise and experience of the Hinduja Group and working with its network of associated companies, seeks to serve its clients, as their 'partner of choice'.

HIPSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hinduja Bank Switzerland. Registered in the UK, HIPSL is an affiliate of the Hinduja Group.

HIPSL recognises change in the clients' ‘needs’, offers exciting challenges and opportunities and are focused on emerging markets and committed to strong product and service delivery. HIPSL is a relationship company responsive to its partners’ needs who value partners and clients, cultivates teamwork and places high emphasis on professionalism and integrity.

The Group, having gained in-depth knowledge of markets and cultures as well as a global network of customers, has synthesised this knowledge, expertise and customer base into a single corporate entity of HIPSL, to provide a sharper focus on market opportunities.


• Promotion of the Group’s own and associated companies’ products and services
• Facilitating the Group’s investments in selected projects
• Developing infrastructure, industrial and other projects
• Promotion of international trading.


In addition to partnering with other Hinduja Group companies, HIPSL has formed alliances with other world-class companies to extend its capabilities and reach. The goal of each alliance is to leverage synergies in selected industries while making available the Group’s worldwide marketing and sales resources to partners.

Strong alliances with its business partners, enables HIPSL to move quickly and confidently across a broad range of technologies and services. Through these strategic partnerships, customers acquire the combined resources, expertise and commitment they need to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.

HIPSL partners with the ‘best in class’ in each industry in which they operate, working together to rapidly deploy feasible solutions, services and products that transcend the current business environment and achieve success.


• Identify investment opportunities for Group companies
• Arrange techno-economic feasibility studies including political and market risk analysis
• Advisory services for joint ventures in selected countries
• Marketing industrial products and services
• Marketing services for Technology, Media and Telecommunications
• Market surveys
• Promotion of international trading
• Provide technical advice and solution in sectors such as Energy, Transport, IT, Media, Trading etc.
• Project Development
  - Environmental Planning and EIA reports
  - Techno-economic feasibility reports
  - Project reports
  - Consents, permits and approvals
  - Preliminary Engineering
  - Off-take, feed stock, EPC Contracts
  - Supervision of implementation

Enquiries can be made via:

Business Development
New Zealand House
80 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4TE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7839 4661
Fax: +44 20 7839 4337
E-mail: enquiries@aipsltd.com